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SEO Mistakes that could prove costly in Online Marketing

SEO Mistakes that could prove costly in Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Internet marketing is highly unpredictable and has many pitfalls. There are no hard and fast rules for the business owners to find out what will work out or not. It is up to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals to find out the best possible options that work for them and what do not. In this SEO tutorial, some of the common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mistakes that should be avoided at all costs are discussed.

1. Absence of an onsite content strategy.

Before Google’s Panda algorithm update, which literally changed the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics upside down, it was quite common to see small microsites dominating the SERPS by virtue of their inward links rather than the quality of the content on site. However, with the Panda update, Google has been giving a lot of stress on quality and informative content for the promotion of websites in SERPS. Now it is difficult for any keyword to get ranked if a website is lacking in top quality content. Google indexes pages depending on the quality of the content, its authority, and relevance.

Google differentiates high-quality content from low-quality content by assessing the following metrics:
The number and quality of inbound links to the page
Quantity and quality of social signals linking to the page
Outbound links from the page
Grammar and spelling on the page
Text formatting structure of the pages
Use of subheads
Length of content

To ensure the premium quality of the content you have to offer fresh, informative, and in-depth content. Adding advice or tips based on personal experience will add to the authority of the site. Publish internal data that is difficult to gather and is not available elsewhere.

2. Not having an offsite content strategy.

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) link-building campaign is critical for the success of your online marketing because of various reasons. Inbound links are the most favored factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. When authoritative sites link to yours, you gain positive branding and referral traffic. The customers will find it easy to find your product or service on a site that has many links. Unnatural links will do good more harm than good. Link building requires expertise and it is recommended to rope in the experts who have a sound knowledge about the search engine algorithms in the post penguin scenario.

3. Not allocating enough time for the campaign :

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for online marketing companies requires time to ensure an upward trend. If you are in a hurry or stop the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign a bit too early, you will fall short of the expected results or might end up worse than your original position. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can never be a short-term tactic.

4. Not earmarking enough budget for the campaign :

Often website owners bite the bait of low-cost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) providers to cut the corners of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expenses. Low-quality content stuffed with keywords will not just be trashed by the search engines but will also leave a black mark on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) credentials. The content should have adequate length and should have informative and original content. Innovative methods like guest blogging and social media marketing will enhance the web presence of the sites and also help in brand building. Make sure to add quality content that will attract premium quality inbound links.

5. Non-delegation of the workload.

Online marketing is a complex issue that cannot be easily managed single-handedly. For effective management, you may need a team of professionals who are the best in the concerned discipline. Maintaining an in-house team could prove a costly option for most small websites and many business owners consider outsourcing their online marketing to agencies to cut costs.