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Tips for Injecting More Variety into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Tips for Injecting More Variety into Your Content Marketing Strategy

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The SEO industry is now getting the message that creating content user-centric in addition to concentrating heavily on over-optimized, outdated practices is the right path to improved rankings, traffic, and more customers. It is not just enough to concentrate more on onsite optimization anymore and content marketing has moved right away to the forefront of every user's mind. This SEO tutorial will walk you through the nuts and bolts of content marketing and how you can effectively bring out more variety into your content marketing strategy.

What Do You Mean By Content Marketing?

Content marketing is defined as a marketing practice of creating as well as distributing valuable and relevant content for attracting, acquiring and engaging a well understood and defined target audience, with the aim of driving gainful customer action.

Concentrating Narrowly On Blog Contents Is Shortsighted

Nowadays, lots of marketers are totally depending on guest blogging as a marketing tactic and also it is preventing them from spreading out to more different types of content. It’s now time to move beyond blogs and broaden the menu of content that you offer to your valuable audience. Fresh content types will certainly enlarge your reach to the latest niches and connect your potential audience in different ways, thereby inspiring natural linking activity which is good for search engine optimization and drives more traffic to your website.

Improve Your Content Marketing Using Analytics and Benchmarking

By using analytics and keywords as part of your content marketing strategy, you can create highly valuable and effective contents which will resonate with your target customer.

With analytics, you can ensure that your contents are on the right path and constantly examine the success rate of your content, permitting you to adapt so as to attract your valuable customer base. Analytics offers you vital information from each level of content development, thereby turning it into an important tool for the content marketing strategy.

Observe your Audience's Requirements

Understanding analytics will let you get a better feel for your content, which the target viewers gravitate towards. You can maintain a record for the content which is delivered to every category and then explore the performance of the data in the context of the specific target persona or/and stage you were concentrating on. This can be easily achieved by making custom reports within Google Analytics.

By looking at Landing Pages, you can easily filter by data like time on site, pages visited, bounce rate, goals, and conversions.

Keyword Research

There are lots of site owners who use keywords as a major part of their overall website architecture. Since content is considered the most important element for an online marketing campaign, optimizing the content with proper long-tail keywords will help to expand the potential for better traffic.

It’s just like a math problem. If you are writing one article each day for your website, each focusing on long-tail keywords which get two visitors in a month, then after one year of daily posting, you will have thousands of different variations and terms. These terms will certainly create unexpected combinations which would bring in more traffic than your min. expected level and surprisingly you can even witness having thousands of viewers generated by these long-tail keywords.

Benchmarking Data

Another method for understanding your content’s popularity and the track it should take is by using benchmarking tools. The all-in-one dashboard Cyfe is a better option for monitoring multiple benchmarking metrics across various platforms, allowing you to note the variations your content makes at a glance. As Cyfe charts the social media besides metrics such as leads, customers, and visitors, there are various other tools that could assist you with the social media data analysis.

Google Analytics Social Tracking tool helps you to generate custom reports for all your social media channels. This tool will offer thorough social media analytics for helping you to chart the success rate of your content. The social shares which you monitor are yet another measure of the engagement of your visitors, as this will help you to decide what websites are best for promoting your content apart from what content is best suited for promotion.

Finally, examining benchmarking and analytics metrics at different stages will offer you a better insight into your target customers. The data which is obtained from these tools will help you out in building up a stronger set of buyer personas around. This in turn can well structure your entire content marketing efforts. You can give more attention to your content to make it relevant to your potential audience and more result-oriented for you, switching your visitors into leads and then finally into lasting clients.