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Importance of Long tail keywords in SEO

Importance of Long-tail keywords in SEO

Long tail keywords

long-tail keywords have always been part of SEO tactics. However, with the Google Penguin and Panda updates, the webmasters have once again turned their attention to the overlooked concept of long-tail keywords. In this SEO tutorial, we are discussing the importance of long-tail keywords in modern-day SEO and content marketing.

long-tail keywords became popular around six years back when webmasters realized that long-tail keywords have less competition and were more targeted as it meets the user's search intent more easily. For instance “home remedies for bed bugs” is a long tail keyword when compared to the highly competitive general search term like “bed bugs” Unlike many other SEO tactics that have been pushed down to oblivion, long-tail keywords continue to be in use even today. With the search engines paying more attention to the quality of the links and the variety of the link profile of sites, long-tail keywords have come back with a bang.

Why Long Tail Keywords Work

long-tail keywords account for a substantial percentage of search traffic and they are easier to rank as there is very little competition. By focusing on a rather elaborate set of long-tail keywords instead of relying on 1-2 high competition terms, you can increase the chances of getting the keywords rank faster.

long-tail keywords are descriptive and hence draw target audiences who are specifically looking for that product or service. This would ensure better conversion rates and a genuine clientele as well. Instead of trying to achieve a higher rank for a short and general keyword, it will be better to promote long-tail keywords which are far more specific.

Search engines and human users both need good quality content and not tailor-made content that is churned out just to push keywords. Apart from using the main keyword, the content can be made interesting and informative by issuing slightly different long-tail keywords, which will be better than using the main keyword 5 times in a stretch in an article.

Good Keywords Drive Great Content

By the intelligent use of long-tail keywords, good content can be created. long-tail keywords make the process of idea generation smoother, which in turn will help in creating a wide variety of articles. Only good content can draw the users and convince them to convert. Google Adwords Keyword planner will help you find some of the low competition, high search volume keywords, which can be intelligently brought into the content to make the articles interesting and informative.

Using the appropriate long-tail keywords will not only make the right searcher intent but will also convert casual visitors to customers. long-tail keywords are much more revealing and transparent as the users get a crystal clear idea of what they are searching for. This will bring in the most serious customers who are likely to be converted and influence your ROI across all efforts.

Core keyword searches with stiff competition and massive search volume are less likely to bring high-value results or accurate outcomes. On the other hand, long-tail keywords, come up with the most appropriate results.

The changing technologies like iPhone’s Siri or Android’s Google Now highlight the importance of long-tail keywords because inquiries have become more like conversations where users type in or ask queries specifically to get the best possible results. long-tail keywords are all set to make a spectacular comeback in the wake of the latest Google algorithm updates and the change in the search pattern of the users.