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Content, Links, And Social Media- The ultimate SEO mantras

Content, Links, And Social Media- The ultimate SEO mantras

In the new era of SEO, quality content alone is not sufficient for a good SEO. Content should be adequately backed up by links and social media to execute an integrated strategy, which will help you in your business. This combination not only complements one another but will also enhance the brand value and authority of the site and help in the distribution of content across new channels. Read more about this in the SEO tutorial

The ultimate SEO mantras

A good SEO strategy will make your site a cut above the millions of sites that vie for the attention of the viewers. SEO tutorial sources point out that in 2013 the SEO will be working on the magical formula of content + social media + links as it offers a value-added experience for the readers apart from building up the authority of the site and brand image at once.

Content is indeed the king

The bedrock of an effective SEO strategy is your onsite content and structure. A well-set on-site SEO plan would focus on keyword research, content optimization, site design, and blogs.

Keyword research: A well-optimized site can be attained only by using the most appropriate keywords that target your niche audience. The keyword tool of Google is designed to target effective keywords in paid advertisements like Adwords. To arrive at the most popular keyword search adopted by the users, you have to shortlist the phrases related to your business, products, brands, and customers. These keywords can be checked in the Google Keyword Tool to see their value and relevance. You can also create a list of competitor sites and enter each of those URLs into the Keyword Tool to know about the ranking of their specific keywords of them. This will give you new clues and directions in planning your SEO strategies.

Keyword structure: Once you have arrived at the keywords the next priority should be to frame the right keyword structure that caters to all the major products or services of your website. You should have a fair idea of the sections of your site that target specific keywords and optimize the content, your SEO efforts will move forward easily.
Content optimization: Once the keyword structure is completed the content should be optimized by incorporating the premium keywords in the right percentage in ratio to the total word count of the article.

Easy User experience: ideally a website should be optimized for the users to easily move around your site, access information, and purchase products. the user experience can be measured by taking into account the bounce rates in Google Analytics. If a major percentage of users are bouncing from your site or fail to stick together, you need t take a c; closer looks at the design part of the site and makes it more user-friendly. To ensure smooth navigation, make your site design simple and uncluttered.

Build up your connections with Inbound Links

Links give Google a clue about the relevance and authority of a website and the more links, the more will be the value of the website. More links will drive up the traffic ensure better conversions and build trust among your customers. Link building is not everything about numbers these days. Today a lot of focus is being imposed on the value of links, which should also be relevant o the content of the site.

Blogs and press releases are excellent organic ways to build uplinks. High-value inward links will ensure wider coverage for the topic and is a good SEO tactic. There are many reputed sites like PR web where you can post press releases and stories that are relevant to the topic of your site, it will do you a lot of good.

Refresh the existing content: If you do not have adequate content writers to churn out fresh content on a regular basis, you can even rewrite the existing content and post across different platforms to grab the attention of search engine crawlers.

Make use of your real-world social commitments and activities into links. If you are supporting any local charity event or a sports program you can list these activities on your site which will fetch you links from like-minded people. This will also give you a chance to get your site listed on their site, thereby building up a vast network.

To make sure that you stay ahead in the tricky game of SEO in 2013, you need to think of innovative ideas revolving around the three pillars of content, links, and keywords to come up with some smart SEO tactics that will surely find a place in the beginners SEO tutorial.

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