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11 tips to improve your blog on Medium

11 tips to improve your blog on Medium

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At the beginning of 2016, I started writing on Medium and with this guide, I want to share with you what I have learned. I started as a reader, then wrote some test posts, and ended up using this platform for Monee's blog, an educational project on money management and personal finance. In addition, together with Antonio Cambronero from Blogpocket, we have tried to promote and evangelize Medium.com, since we believe that the future of blogging follows this line.

1. Be Social

Medium, in addition to being a blogging platform, has a social component that you cannot ignore. As in other social media like Twitter or Facebook, interaction is important. Connect and actively participate with the community of writers and readers. When you write, write for the people. Use stories that inspire and educate your audience.

2. Format and Style

Medium has some very simple options for formatting and styling. Titles, bold, italics, citations, and links; something similar to other text editors like Word or even like the email editor. Using them properly will allow the reader to have a good reading experience.

3. Images and Graphics

Use images and graphics to compliment the style you give to your posts. Tools like Canva or Pablo by Buffer will allow you to create graphics, infographics, and images to share on social media.
Platforms like Pexels or Unsplash will help you find photos that you can freely use in your writing.

4. Promotion

The great trick of content promotion is to tell the world and invite them to read your posts. Update your status on different social media.

Twitter: This medium is my favorite. If you use mentions and hashtags well, you can easily reach your target audience.

Email: Write a short message inviting your friends or colleagues to read and share your post. If you have a list of subscribers invite them too. If you don't have it, I'll tell you how in point 6.

5. Call to action

You can have several Calls to Action in your posts. Invite your readers to leave their comments, and recommend or share the post on social media. Also, subscribe to your mailing list or share the post with a single click. Continue with points 6 and 7 and you will see how.

6. Create a list of subscribers

Email is one of the most direct means of connecting with your audience. You can build your mailing list on medium using Upscri. be. This tool has integration with MailChimp. Send them your blog updates always with a friendly and short message.

7. Click to tweet

This tool allows you to create a default tweet for readers to share your post with a single click. You can use Click to Tweet in a sentence starting your posts.

8. Use labels

The medium allows you to add 5 tags or keywords to your posts. These will be useful for readers to easily find your posts.

9. Use mentions

Make mentions of other Medium users using the “@” as you do on social media. This function is very useful for quotes or to refer to the protagonists of your story.

10. Write on posts

Medium posts can be anything and this depends on what you use them for. They can be a blog, a magazine, a newspaper, or even a book that you publish by chapters like my friend Mauricio Aranguren Molina does.

Create publications to classify your posts into different topics and reach different audiences.

Look for publications that accept guest authors and write in them. This will allow you to gain exposure and reach new audiences.

11. Use Emoji

Emojis have become popular thanks to their dynamism and for being a great resource for expressing emotions on different social media. You can find a nice collection on Emojipedia.